Here’s Round 11 of Opinion Battles at Movie Reviews 101, where everyone picked the worst sequels imaginable. Superman IV is the worst in my book, but pick which one you think reigns as the biggest stinker.

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Worst Sequel

We have always looked at the best, but now lets look at one subject people always talk about quality of sequels and just how bad some really are. I have picked this subject and I expect to see many different interpenetration of what makes a sequel bad.

Rob and myself are running a Stephen King blogathon through October so I think it would only b right for us to have our own Opinion Battle on Stephen King works, if you want to join in email by 4th October 2015 with your picks.

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Saw 6saw 6

I personally am picking a film that shattered what was created by the previous film, I am not saying this is the worst film ever I just feel this film doesn’t do the previous instalments the credit they deserve. I am a fan of the idea behind…

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