Here’s my contribution to MovieRob’s Meathead March Blogathon!


meathead march blogathon

For today’s first review of The American President (1995), here’s S.G. Lipet of A Movie List: 365 Films in a Year.  Not only does he have a review for us, but also a poem about the movie.

Thanks SG!


President Andrew Shepherd’s content;

Approval’s at 63 percent.

A bill for gun (or crime) control

Will serve as his deciding goal

To win him reelection.

And yet, moving on from a widower’s fate,

He jumps at the chance for a Washington date.

Awkward encounters soon persuade

The lobbyist Sidney Ellen Wade

To match his plain affection.


Wade hangs on a promise politically made,

That Shepherd will offer a bill his full aid.

Meanwhile, a senator is quick

To target Shepherd’s latest pick

With character attacks.

Since romance is personal, Shepherd won’t budge;

‘Tis not for the public to slander and judge.

Yet his approval starts to drop,

Until his…

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