In case you missed it, here is my contribution to the 8th annual Christmas in July Blogathon hosted by Drew’s Movie Reviews! My chosen film to review was last year’s Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey, a Netflix musical brimming with holiday spirit. Regardless of the month, we can use plenty of that, so check out all of Drew’s blogathon guest posts!

Drew's Movie Reviews

Hello, friends!

Welcome to day 2 of the Christmas in July Blogathon 2021! Today, SG from Rhyme and Reason joins us again this year with his unique combination of poetry and film review. SG’s approach to film reviews is unlike any other blogger out there so definitely go check his blog out! For this year’s blogathon, SG reviews a Netflix Christmas film released during last year’s holiday season. Take it away, SG!

Is your life not the dream-come-true fiction has taught?
Were not all your hopes quite achieved?
Did you think yourself special, then found that you’re not,
As so many others believed?

It’s commonplace now to have cynical minds.
We’re all disillusioned these days.
When searching for misery, he who seeks finds,
And evils no longer amaze.

What happened to when we were wide-eyed and young,
And no one could dampen our zeal?
We reached for the fruit that…

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