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(For Day 12 of NaPoWriMo, the suggested prompt was a poem using words from a classical dictionary and sci-fi dictionary, but time ran a bit short so I went off-prompt.)

My hair is gray; my back is bent;
My skin is furrowed, eyes are dim.
The man I was has long been spent,
From youthful peak to swift descent,
Till now I can’t remember him.

Your skin has sagged on weakened knees;
Your teeth come out and barely chew.
And yet you make me feel at ease.
Despite our awful memories,
I still can see the girl I knew.

Imagine if, somehow, some way,
We could reclaim our fire before.
No matter what the toll to pay,
I’d spurn the world that very day
If you and I could skip once more.

MPA rating: PG-13

It’s a shame upon my blog, but it’s been nearly a year since I afforded my dear VC (Viewing Companion) the chance to choose a movie to watch and review. One more thing to blame on school…. I am rectifying that egregious oversight by highlighting one of her picks, the classic Ron Howard sci-fi Cocoon. Winner of two Oscars (Supporting Actor and Visual Effects), the film is unusual in that it centers upon a Florida retirement home, whose apathetic residents discover an alien secret in a nearby swimming pool.

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The cast is especially great, with veterans like Don Ameche, Jessica Tandy, and Wilford Brimley (playing much older than he was at the time) sharing the screen with younger talent like Steve Guttenberg and Brian Dennehy, who plays the nicest, most forgiving alien in movie history. While often warm and humorous, the story successfully humanizes its elderly characters with foibles and tragedies and achieves a unique balance between grim and hopeful subject matter. It’s a shame that the climax drags on too long trying to up the drama, and I tend to think that Don Ameche’s win for Best Supporting Actor was a bit undeserved for this role. Still, Cocoon is otherwise a charming alternative to other first contact films.

Best line: (Ben Luckett, played by Brimley) “So you think it’s like Bernie said? We’re cheating nature?”
(Mary, his wife) “Yes.”
(Ben) “Well, I’ll tell ya, with the way nature’s been cheating us, I don’t mind cheating her a little.”

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