Here is my contribution to the annual Christmas in July Blogathon, hosted by Drew of Drew’s Movie Reviews. This year, I opted to write a poem and review for Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands, since I lean toward unconventional holiday fare outside of December. Check out the other posts for the blogathon and have a Merry Christmas in July!

Drew's Movie Reviews

Welcome to day 3 of the Christmas in July Blogathon 2020! Today we are joined by the cinephile and poet SG from Rhyme and Reason. SG uniquely combines his love of movies with his love of poetry, as you’ll see below. Definitely go check his blog out for a unique movie review format. Today, SG reviews the non-traditional Christmas film Edward Scissorhands.

Scissors for hands – what a curious trait!
What a sad and bizarre and improbable fate!
For scissors for hands, with their razor-sharp edges,
Would terrify all, and especially hedges.
How lonely ‘twould be to be born with such digits,
Endangering life with the slightest of fidgets!

For who could love someone so strange and pathetic,
With hands so unsightly, unsafe, and synthetic?
Somebody could, though you might call it schmaltz,
For love can look past all exterior faults.
Some mock and some fear, but if…

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