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(Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt was for a “concrete” poem, where the lines and words form an image that reflects the poem’s theme. That theme for me being time, I chose a fitting hourglass shape.)

Time in the moment drips by like molasses,

A thick atmosphere that encloses the masses.

The teenagers wish it would hurry on by,

While grandparents issue a sigh,

And then all at once

Time is starting

To fly


And only

At long last

When time has complied

Do former teenagers see time’s other side

And wish that molasses could slow down its stride.


MPA rating: Not Rated (deserves a PG-13)

“Time-bending mystery” is a genre that I feel I am inherently destined to love. It’s not often that a film plays with the notion of time without involving out-and-out time travel, but Time Trap manages to pull it off in a fascinating way, despite its limited budget.

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Andrew Wilson (who looks a lot like Dennis Quaid) plays Hopper, an archaeology professor investigating the disappearance of some hippies from the ‘70s, and when he doesn’t return, two of his students (Reiley McClendon, Brianne Howey) and their friends go after him into the Southwest desert. Not realizing the danger of “looking for somebody who went missing while he was looking for somebody that went missing,” the group venture into a cave system and become trapped when their ropes break. Eventually, they realize that time is passing differently inside the cave than it is on the surface and… that’s all I’m going to say.

This kind of film benefits greatly from not knowing what’s going to happen, which means stay away from the trailer. There are times when you can tell the filmmakers considered making this as a found-footage film, and I’m glad they only employed that technique occasionally. Despite some so-so acting and dialogue, the way the story plays out is rather ingenious, slowly revealing things to the audience as the characters learn them. You might pick up on what’s happening before they do, but there are further twists that take the story in unexpected directions.

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Time Trap won’t necessarily revolutionize your notion of time and space, but it’s entertaining and short, too short in fact, ending right when things take a left turn I would have liked to explore more. It’s proof that high sci-fi concepts don’t need a blockbuster budget.

Best line: (Hopper) “Well, my grandfather used to tell me the future can give you anything you want. If you wait long enough, the future will create it. Maybe through technology, or maybe just by making you not want it anymore. Either way, the answer’s in the future.”


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