‘Tis the season for Christmas in July, and more specifically Drew’s Christmas in July Blogathon, which just wrapped up. My contribution this year was the classic ’80s film Gremlins, which was more Christmas-y than I remembered. Check out the other contributions this year, and thanks again to Drew for hosting the party!

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Hello, friends!

We have now crossed the halfway point of this year’s Christmas in July blogathon! SG from Rhyme and Reason is going to wrap-up day three. SG combines his two passions, film and poetry, to create truly unique reviews. He also loves a good list so you will find plenty of them on his site. Have a look after checking out his review of the non-traditional Christmas classic Gremlins.

‘Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the town,
Small creatures were stirring and scurrying round.
They once had been furry;
They once had been cute,
But now they were scaly, and evil to boot!

Because of one snack
After midnight had chimed,
The work of one boy who had gravely mistimed,
These creatures were rampant
And running amok,
And now the whole town had the awfulest luck.

The stop lights were blinking,
Car brake lines were cut,

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