Here’s my contribution to the Ultimate 2000s Blogathon, hosted by Drew’s Movie Reviews and Kim of Tranquil Dreams. I reviewed the 2004 sports favorite Miracle, one of the great inspirational stories of history and film. Check out the other Blogathon entries for a nostalgic visit to the 2000s!

Drew's Movie Reviews

Welcome to the final entry of week 2 of the Ultimate 2000s Blogathon! When creating a blog, coming up with a unique concept will help distinguish you among your fellow bloggers. SG from Rhyme and Reason combined his two favorite things, movies and poetry, to create a truly unique blog within the film blogging community. Go check out his one-of-a-kind format over on his site. But before you head over there, here is his review of Miracle, the biopic of the 1980 Winter Olympics gold medal US men’s ice hockey team.

Miracle movie poster

A loss is a cross that the loser must bear,
In danger of letting it lead to despair.
He may have excuses of why it’s not fair,
But nothing will change while it’s there.

To shed it in favor of triumph and pride
Depends on the hope they can muster inside,
And winners emerge when their hope is…

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