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I know Christmas is upon us, but I wanted to send out a little post to celebrate yet another milestone. Against all expectations, this blog of mine has reached a new high of 600 followers! Of course, I enjoy watching movies and writing about them for their own sake, but it always lends me some extra satisfaction to see that others share my enjoyment. Every like and follow is worth a thank you, which all too often goes unspoken, so to all who have made my day with the click of a button, I wish to say thank you and a Merry Christmas!

Now, typically there’s some special extra for this kind of milestone (like my list of Overrated and Underrated Movies when I hit 500 followers). Due to my school schedule and the immediate holiday, that will have to wait, but I do have some special lists in mind. In the meantime, though, I thought I would share some additional banners I’ve fashioned for the top of each page, which should generate at random from now on. While the banner I’ve had is full of films I love (and will stick around), these new banners focus on specific genres, such as


Blog Banner Comedy

Science Fiction,

Blog Banner Sci-Fi


Blog Banner Fantasy


Blog Banner Animated


Blog Banner Romance

Foreign Films,

Blog Banner Foreign


Blog Banner Musical


Blog Banner Horror

And a miscellaneous one including the Western, Action, War, Drama, Heist, and Historical genres.

Blog Banner Misc

All of the films represented are excellent and highly recommended, so feel free to ask if you want to know where any of the images came from.

Again, I wish to thank everyone who reads, likes, follows, and cares even a little bit about my poetry or my humble opinion. May God bless you all, and have a wonderful Christmas!