I recently contributed this poem/review to the annual Christmas in July Blogathon over at Drew’s Movie Reviews. It’s one of my Cartoon Comparisons, juxtaposing the western 3 Godfathers with the anime film Tokyo Godfathers, which are both set at Christmastime and share the same basic plot about three social outcasts finding a baby. Drew always hosts a fun holiday party, so be sure to check out the other Christmas in July entries as well.

Drew's Movie Reviews

Hello, friends!

Today’s first entry marks the beginning of the second half of this here blogathon! Starting the day is a regular in my blogathons. If you are looking for a unique blog, look no further than SG and Rhyme and Reason. SG combines his love of poetry and movies to create interesting and one-of-a-kind posts. I highly recommend giving his site a visit. For this year’s Christmas in July Blogathon, SG is comparing two films: 3 Godfathers, a John Wayne western, and Tokyo Godfathers, an early 2000s anime. Let’s get to it!

Life can embitter you
As you permit her to;
Always and never you’re in her control.
And as her aggressions
Leave deeper impressions,
We’re quick to forget that we each have a soul.

So often confronted
By cynics and hunted
By worries we parry were never our fault,
We grow disenchanted,
Breaths taken for…

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