Don’t forget to vote for what you think is the biggest acting snub at the Oscars! Whether they got a nomination or not, there are plenty of actors and actresses who deserved it more than the actual winner, at least in our impassioned opinions. I chose Tom Hanks in Captain Phillips, which continued the trend of his strong performances being totally ignored by the Academy of late. Take a look and see which snub you find the most egregious.

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Opinion Battles Year 4 Round 6

Biggest Acting Oscar Snub

The conversation always comes up during Oscar season, who should have been given an Oscar nomination or even taken the win, we look to select the ones we feel should have been given this honour.

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Milo – Stuff and That

Uma Thurman – Pulp Fiction

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Considering my reasoning for my Round 4 pick, it shouldn’t be hard to deduce who I’m picking today. She just oozes aloof cool and I can’t believe, in one of the best performances of the 90s, she was booted for who? Dianne Wiest? In wha–? I can’t even remember.


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Taraji P Henson – Hidden Figures

In the 2017 Awards for best actress we didn’t get too much competition, we also had two…

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