Here’s my review of For Pete’s Sake, an obscure little Barbra Streisand comedy from the ’70s that I covered for the Ultimate 70s Blogathon, hosted by Drew’s Movie Reviews and Kim of Tranquil Dreams. They’ve had plenty of other great contributions over the last three weeks of the blogathon, so stop by to see what other favorites were picked from that disco decade.

Drew's Movie Reviews

Today’s entry for the Ultimate 70s Blogathon comes from one of the most unique participants in the blogathon. This person fuses his two passions of poetry and movies into one. I am of course talking about SG from Ryme and Reason. If you aren’t familiar with his work and don’t know what I’m talking about, head over to his site and see for yourself. He joins us today with a review of the Barbra Streisand comedy For Pete’s Sake.

If only we could strike it rich
Like all the lucky folk
Who never feel privation’s itch
Or fear of going broke.

We’d live in mansions, drink champagne,
And pay our bills on time;
And when we spend like we’re insane,
We’ll laugh, “It ain’t a crime.”

With money, we could take a chance,
Like he who funds and lends,
Investing in high-risk finance
To rake in dividends.


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