It’s a brand new year for Opinion Battles over at Movie Reviews 101! Thanks to everyone who voted last year, especially since I won (shockingly), but it’s a whole new round now. This time, be sure to vote for your favorite Best Actress winner’s performance. I picked Sally Field in Places in the Heart, but of all the good choices, vote for the one you like best!

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Opinion Battles Year 4 Round 1

Favourite Oscar Winning Performance from an Actress

Opinion Battles is back, much like last year when we look at the Oscar winning Actors, we are going to dive into looking at our favourite Oscar Winning Actresses, just what will make our list and what would you have picked?

Next Round is Most Anticipated Movie of 2018 – Closing Date Friday 3rd February 2018

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Brie Larson – Room


I may have picked a modern winner, but for me this is one of the best acting performances I have ever seen, Brie must carry this movie with her performance that must be strong for her son, while also being the victim of the kidnapping and multiple rapes. We do see how her character must learn to live again which is just as difficult as she would have imagined, she…

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