Don’t forget to vote for your favorite movie based on a TV show in Round 20 of Opinion Battles! Not all TV shows make the jump to the big screen gracefully, but when they do, the results can be utterly entertaining. While others chose comedy, I had to side with Serenity, the blockbuster finale for Joss Whedon’s canceled sci-fi series Firefly. What’s your favorite?

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Opinion Battles Round 20

Favourite TV Show to Movie

Once again we dive into searching through Hollywood’s lack of ideas as they return to old television shows to make a movie, this does offer a show cancelled too soon to say goodbye to the hugely loved characters.

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Firefly was one of the most loved sci-fi shows that got cancelled too soon, we only got 13 episodes but Serenity gives us a chance to see our character one more time, they are bigger and better with a story that gives you everything you wanted for our characters.

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Wayne’s World


I struggled with this one until I…

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