Be sure to vote for your least favorite book adaptation in Round 19 of Opinion Battles! Films so often mess up the source material, and the one that most disappointed me was the would-be fantasy epic Eragon, which was too rushed for its own good. Check out the rest of the “letdowns” others picked and see where you agree.

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Opinion Battles Round 19

Favourite Least Favourite Book Adaptation

For years now movies have used books to make money with a film, few are good, less are great, most are hated because you just don’t get the time to tell the whole story. this latest round we get to look at the ones we hated the most, so let the hate commence.

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Angels and Demons

I will be honest, I don’t read many books, since leave school you can count the fictional books on one hand, so this made this category harder than it should have been. Angels and Demons is one book I truly did enjoy, I love…

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