Be sure to vote for your favorite Christopher Nolan film in Round 15 of Opinion Battles! From his diverse and popular filmography, I had to pick Inception, one of the great mindbenders of all time. Which do you like best?

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Opinion Battles Round 15

Favourite Christopher Nolan Movie

Christopher Nolan has become one of the most popular and iconic directors of this century, he has given us the stunning trilogy with Dark Knight trilogy, he has tested our minds on multiple occasions. Now he is bought us a war epic in Dunkirk so what better choice of round that to look at this genius directors work, but what is your favourite?

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For me Inception is his masterpiece, it tests our minds with the dream within a dream within a dream concept. The cast is amazing, DiCaprio, Page, Hardy, Gordon-Levitt, Watanabe, Murphy, Caine and Cotillard. I have seen this film well over 10…

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