Who better to celebrate Christmas in July with than Drew and his annual Christmas in July Blogathon? Avoiding the usual Christmas staples, I compiled a Top Twelve list of movies you may not associate with Christmas but do boast some holiday spirit if you know where to look. Be sure to check out the other Christmas posts from everyone else who joined the party!

Drew's Movie Reviews

Welcome to day 2 of this year’s Christmas in July Blogathon, everyone! Today, SG from Rhyme and Reason joins in the festivities. If you aren’t familiar with SG and his blog, he mixes two of his passions: poetry and film. It is a rather fun and unique idea and he brings that creativity to this blogathon. Instead of doing another ol’ movie review, he is listing off twelve of his favorite movies that might not seem like Christmas movies at first glance. Curious to see what they are? Well continue reading to find out!

In trying to think of something unique for this Christmas in July Blogathon, I tried to steer away from all the usual Christmas movies I could review. Instead, I’m focusing on the movies you may not associate with Christmas. In fact, some of these may not seem like Christmas movies at all, but it’s there if…

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