For the love of brains, be sure to vote for your favorite zombie movie in the latest Opinion Battle. I went the action route by picking World War Z, since I’m not a horror buff, but there are quite a few undead flicks to choose from.

Movie Reviews 101

Opinion Battles Round 18

Favourite Zombie Movie

Zombie movies have become one of the most popular sub genres of horror and while we do get plenty of stinkers we always get to see the best director give us a fresh spin on them. This round we have a large amount of films but which do you think is the best choice.

I will not be accepting any entries for the next round because I will be having a holiday but if you want to enter the round after we are picking our Favourite Clive Owen Roles which has a deadline of 2nd October 2016 and the choice will need to be entered to

Darren – Movie Reviews 101

Dawn of the Deaddawn 1

Dawn of the Dead was the second entry of the George A Romero Of the Dead franchise and the film also sent out the message…

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