Just why I have waited this long, I’m not sure,
But it’s about time to accept and secure
The Liebster Award I was honored to get
From Carly of Carly Hearts Movies. No sweat!
And like the award I received the last time,
I’ll write my acceptance completely in rhyme!
At least that’s the plan.
Why? ‘Cause I can.

From my understanding, I answer some questions,
Eleven of my nominator’s suggestions,
And after I’m finished, I make my own quiz,
And task several more in the blogosphere biz
To answer each question, whatever it is.

Thus, here’s the eleven-count quiz Carly chose,
Along with my lyrical answers. Here goes!


Which director would you most want to have a beer with?


Although I don’t drink, I can see myself licking
A large chocolate milkshake and casually picking
The brain of the great Steven Spielberg, by name.
(You may not have heard of him, which is a shame.)
His film repertoire’s such a varied creation
That I’d like to ask where he finds inspiration.


Name three movies that every film student in college/university should watch if they’re serious about the medium. Explain your reasoning.


I may not be an expert in the art of making films
Since I mainly do analysis for fun,
And I tend to be turned off by strange, pretention-ridden films
Like the endlessly acclaimed 2001.

So with that little caveat, a film I would propose
Is Orson Welles’s great Citizen Kane.
From mirror shots and angles to foreshadowing exposed,
Its artistry and themes will never wane.

As far as moving drama goes, Shawshank Redemption reigns,
And with good reason, multitudes revere it.
Both audience and critic see how well it entertains
And renders something of the human spirit.

And lastly, I would be remiss if I did not include
All three of Peter Jackson’s trilogy
That brought Lord of the Rings to film with epic magnitude,
An adaptation everyone should see.


Who is one movie villain that you can’t help but love?


Captain Barbossa from Pirates might count,
Though “love” isn’t quite the right word.
One worth both hate and love in equal amount
Is Hook’s Captain Hook, my preferred.
Oh, Dustin Hoffman plays him perfectly,
With the swagger, the menace, the look,
And as he concludes, what would the world be
Like without the depraved Captain Hook?

Is there a movie generally considered bad that you love unironically?


I’m generally pretty soft on most movies,
Yes, even the ones mostly hated,
Like Spider-Man 3, Brother Bear, and the like,
But my fondness for one must be stated.

In 2006, High School Musical came out
When I was the perfect tween age.
I didn’t let lackluster acting detract
From the music, both on and off stage.

For all of the cheesiness born from the ‘80s
That people forgive and embrace,
This film and its sequels are my kind of candy,
Which critical flak can’t erase.


Name three actors of any gender you’d want as your sibling, best friend, and significant other.


This is a hard one, since actors on screen
Are rarely the same in real life, I have seen.
So I’ll be selecting the three you suggest
Based on the role that would fit them the best.

For sibling, I guess I can’t pick animation
(Tadashi from Big Hero 6 is temptation),
So maybe I’ll choose Ferris Bueller since, hey,
He’s the coolest at school, and if Jennifer Grey
Hadn’t been so resentful, she might have realized
That a brother with that much clout ought to be prized.

For best friend, the first that came on my radar
Is Ansel Elgort in The Fault in Our Stars.
As Gus, he’s the nicest guy you can believe
And lets his friends damage his trophies to grieve.

For girlfriend or wife, I’ve a crush, you can bet.
(Too bad Lindsey Stirling’s no actress, not yet.)
Winona Rider in her prime makes me wilt,
Like in How to Make an American Quilt.
In The Mummy films too, Rachel Weisz is on fire,
A heroine too lovely not to admire.

What category(ies) should they add to the Oscars? They can be as serious or nonsensical as you please.


Best Cameo could join its recognized brothers,
Though such roles mean more to some people than others.
While a prize for Best Remake would spawn even more,
Competitiveness could make quality soar,
The main category I would like to add
Would be Best Soundtrack, which so many have had,
A collection of used unoriginal songs
With a judgment of each and how well each belongs.
Cameron Crowe, Tarantino, the Coens, and such
Excel with soundtracks, having done them so much.
Best Soundtrack could go to films Oscar ignores,
Like Elizabethtown, The Big Chill, or The Doors.


In 1,000 years, when paper money is a distant memory, how will we pay for goods and services? (Yes, I pulled this from Cards Against Humanity. Humor me here.)


We’ll probably go back to silver and gold,
The tangible money that people can hold,
But maybe
The world will be run by the digital token,
Earned by the hour and lost by laws broken,
And tokens in people all over the globe
Could be stored in a chip in the temporal lobe
Of the brain, which is linked to a scan in your eye
So that you could look closely at something and buy.
Then the chip in your brain, with the power of thought,
Would transfer the digital tokens you’ve got.
Then again maybe not.


Tell me about an advertisement you absolutely hate and makes you immediately change the channel. It can be a commercial, infomercial, or PSA.


Cialis ads of ill repute
Are cured by buttons labeled “Mute.”


Do you have a favorite meme?

One does not simply single out memes.
There must be “over 9000”, it seems,
From “This is Sparta!” to Rick Astley’s roll,
From O RLY owls to the face of a troll,
From Hitler in Downfall creating a fuss
And “All your base are belong to us,”
To cute feline photos, both grumpy and shy,
And notes that remind us “the cake is a lie.”
I could keep on but for the “arrow in my knee.”
So shut up and take my poetry!
(For those who don’t know what this poem even meant,
Look it up! It’s then cooler by 20%.)


You can talk to animals but only one kind of animal. What is it?


I’d love to converse with a cat,
The one critter in my habitat,
Though I fear she’d grow bored
And just leave me ignored,
Even with the new option to chat.


Your non-dominant hand has been replaced with a rubber stamp. What does it say?


A strange question indeed.
(How’d it happen, I wonder?)
The one thing I’d need
If my hand was asunder
Is my signature.
I’d then rest my good hand,
When signings occur
For that novel I’ve planned.
If I had to be lame,
I’d at least stamp my name.



So now that I am finished with this fun new waste of time,
I suppose I should apologize to those who dislike rhyme.
You’re welcome.
And now my nominations, blogs deserving likes and fame,
Though most of them most likely have some Liebsters to their name.
You’re welcome to take part or not in something that, I guess,
Is a glorified chain letter that can be fun nonetheless.


Cinema Parrot Disco
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Alex Raphael
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Emmakwall (explains it all)
Abbi Osbiston
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  1. If any franchise could be revived with a truly awesome sequel, what would you choose?
  2. What book would you most like to see adapted to screen? (It will probably happen eventually.)
  3. If you were stranded on Mars like Matt Damon, what five movies would you most want on hand?
  4. If you were stranded on Mars like Matt Damon, what would your preferred music playlist look like?
  5. If you could wink any three films out of existence, what would they be?
  6. What play or musical do you wish would be adapted to screen?
  7. Who do you consider the best actor of all time?
  8. What’s your favorite poem?
  9. What bad movie do you wish could have been good (and not in a “so bad it’s good” kind of way)?
  10. Is there any Oscar year where you completely agree with the Academy’s choices?
  11. What movie do you most wish you could have seen as a kid?


Again, thanks to Carly for thinking of me,
And blessings and good luck to each nominee.