Be sure to vote on the last Opinion Battle of 2015 and pick your favorite film set in space! I chose Gravity, a film that truly gives you an idea of the immense beauty and danger of space itself. I’m looking forward to the new round of Opinion Battles beginning next year!

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Best Film Set in Space

For the final round on year one we are looking at the best film set in space, mainly to celebrate the upcoming release of Star War Episode 7. We have plenty of films that have been released through nearly all genres that are st in space but what is our favourites?

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Darren – Movie Reviews 101

Event Horizonevent

I have selected Event Horizon because I feel it could easily be one of the most underrated horror films that built on what films like Alien created, it offers a new enemy in space rather than the easy option of aliens giving us a manmade terror. I will like to point out this is one horror film that could easily be missed but the pure levels of gore…

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