Check out the second-to-last Opinion Battle of the year, this time Biographical Films. I picked the classic musical biopic Coal Miner’s Daughter, but there’s a very diverse selection this time, sure to please everyone!

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Favourite Biographical

Over the years we have seen hundreds of films looking at famous people’s lives ranging from a single moment to the whole life, we have had scientist, musicians, sports stars, President and many more to pick from, but what is your favourite?

We are only have one more round this year which will be film set in space, which will be needed by 29th November 2015 so if you are interested email

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Rush (2013)rush

I personally could have picked so many different films here but I went for Rush because I do love Formula One and this provided a history lesson into one of the greatest rivalries of all time between James Hunt and Niki Lauda. The scenes are brilliantly intense and this film also showed that Chris Hemsworth isn’t just a pretty face with both himself and Daniel Bruhl giving…

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