Here’s my first review for the October Kingathon, hosted by MovieRob and Darren of Movie Reviews 101! Stephen King’s It has been scaring people for 25 years, and Pennywise has still got it.


For the next review for our October Kingathon, here’s a review of IT (1990) by SG of Rhyme and Reason.

Let’s see what he thought of this movie:

Thanks SG!!


Something is spoiling Derry with glee,
For children keep on disappearing.
I’m witnessing nightmares that no one can see,
And hearing things no one is hearing.

I’m taunted with promises that I will float
Like all the dead kids who submit,
But now I have friends with a chance yet remote
To finish the terrible It!

MPAA rating: Not Rated (should be PG-13)

I can just imagine Stephen King’s thought process for developing this story. “Let’s see. I’ve already given people reasons to fear hotels and St. Bernards and corn fields. What else can I ruin people’s perceptions of? I’ve got it: clowns! And why should I stop there? I’ll make the clown a mind manipulator and…

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