To James Haseltine back at Back to the Viewer,
I must extend thanks in accord
With the fact that he’s offered to little ole me
My first ever blogging award!

When I first began this here film review site,
I thought that my summary rhymes
Would set it apart from the bloggers who write
On films they’ve seen hundreds of times.

I may not be Longfellow or Dr. Seuss,
But I thought it only made sense
For me to accept this award as excuse
To rhyme at my readers’ expense!

The Rules:

From what I have heard and what I understand,
The rules are suggestions and not a demand,
But I am to offer five facts about me
And nominate five other bloggers (you’ll see),
Who then can accept with no need to explain
Or else can continue the nominee chain,
Until every blog with creative creators
Can show off this prize to the infrequent haters.

Stuff about Me:

1.  Besides the facts that all can see
(Did you know I write poetry?),
I’ll mention that I’m now attending college, going slow.
One class a season takes a while,
But slowly goes the measured mile.
A job in Web Design is calling once there’s more I know.

2.  I used to run a hot dog cart
And worked at it with eager start.
At Hot Dog University, Chicago taught me lots.
A shame it didn’t last for long,
Two months since business wasn’t strong,
But still it gave me insight into mobile food hotspots.
I do still get a kick at parts
Of films that feature hot dog carts.
Most films in New York City have one somewhere in the plot,
Like once in The Avengers where a Sabrett comes to naught.

3.  My favorite film that always sings
Is Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings.
I’m fairly good at imitating Gollum’s raspy sneer.
In his first scene, he croaks a threat,
“They’re thieves! They’re thieves!”, and you can bet
That I’ll be sneering out his lines whenever I am near.

4.  I’m known for, on a frequent basis,
Fitting things in tiny places;
Dishwashers and puzzles never stand a chance with me.
Some may think this talent banal,
Or perhaps I’m simply anal.
I prefer to think I’m thorough, wouldn’t you agree?

5.  Of dogs, I’m not the biggest fan;
To me, a better friend of man
Is cats, who never need a walk or slobber, growl, or bark.
I’ve got a sweet feline instead,
The cutest little quadruped
Who can be slightly less cute when her eyes glow in the dark.

My nominees:

These are the bloggers that I nominate;
I’d not be surprised if the five that I state
Already possessed this award, or had eight!

1.  A movie connoisseur to rival any blogger you can find,
MovieRob’s most likely seen more films than you and I combined.
While anime and horror movies aren’t his chosen cup of tea,
It seems there is no limit to the movies (good and bad) he’ll see.
From blogathons to genre highs to yearly retrospective tens,
Rob is always staying active with his movie-blogging friends.

2.  Cinema Parrot Disco is the site where one can be impressed
At all the many musings of a Table 9 Mutant, self-professed.
Beyond reviews, Miss Mutant loves to love her 1980s roots
And dreams up lists of movie rugs and greatest cinematic fruits.

3.  Who doesn’t like red-headed Drew who operates Drew’s Movie Reviews?
From write-ups of films old and new to movie quotes that still amuse
To Fave Five lists all worth a view, Drew’s site was obvious to choose.

4.  If you have ever thought that the Academy just got it wrong,
Then head on to A Fistful of Films, where you may end up staying long.
There Andrew’s covering each year, both films you love or maybe missed; he’s
Listing, ranking, and presenting his own film awards, the Fistis.

5.  Movie Reviews 101 has genres as its backdrop, so
That maybe gives you some idea of just how many films he’ll know.
Reviews by Darren focus on each actor and component part,
Which helps to understand a film when good and bad are a la carte.
Opinion Battles bring together bloggers with their movie picks,
And countless other features help you satisfy your movie fix.

My thanks again to James for nominating me for this award.
(His own reviews are excellent so visit if you’re ever bored.)
I hope to keep appreciating film and poetry for years.
May all of you continue being you and stay creative! Cheers!