Check out Round 8 of Opinion Battles over at Movie Reviews 101, where everyone has suggested their favorite remakes. Mine is the classic Hanks/Ryan pairing in You’ve Got Mail. For every ten bad remakes, there’s a true success, so vote for your favorite (but show the humble rom com some love).

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Best Remakes

We have seen Hollywood run out of ideas over the years which has lead to many remakes, some are good because they bring technology unavailable at the time into the picture, while others are just terrible, today we are looking at the best.

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Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011)apess

When this film get released it was after one of the biggest disasters in remake when Tim Burton got his hands on the franchise. The final product left us breathless with the stunning performances with Andy Serkis as Caesar the ape. We get to see how the saga started with small references to the very original start of the franchise. I have picked this because it surprised…

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