Take a look-see at everyone’s picks for Best Sports film at good ole Opinion Battles over at Movie Reviews 101. Quite a diverse selection (I ought to see more of these), but surprisingly I was the only one to pick a football movie, the inspirational Rudy. Pick your favorite!
(Thanks again, Darren, for letting me participate this week.)

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Opinion Battles Round 7

Best Sports Movie

When it comes to Sports movies we have had nearly every sport put onto camera, we have had football to ping pong, ice staking to boxing and most include the typical underdog story but just what is the best film?

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Darren – Movie Reviews 101

Warrior (2011)wrrior

When it comes to fighting films I am normally turned away because I find boxing films rather boring, but when I sat down to watch this one I wasn’t really sure what to think. I couldn’t believe how intense this film was, I have never seen UFC before but the film managed to pull me into a world of sport I have no interest in. the fights come off realistic and the conflict between…

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