At Drew’s Movie Reviews, everyone’s celebrating Christmas in July! I love a good Christmas movie, but I thought I’d review one of my favorite TV specials, a forgotten treat called “Arnold’s Christmas.” Just the thing to get into the holiday spirit!

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Next up in the Christmas in July Blogathon 2015, SG from Rhyme and Reason takes a look at a forgotten holiday special.  And here’s SG to tell us all about it!

Does anyone else remember Nickelodeon’s Hey, Arnold!? Nowadays, it only plays late at night for those desperate for some nostalgia, but it was a near-perfect animated kid’s show, a product of the ‘90s that focused on characters rather than gross-out humor and posed a relatable moral with every episode. Arnold was the titular football-headed kid, and his interactions with his friends, his grandparents, and pretty much everyone in town created everyday drama and humor that may be considered slow by today’s standards, but did wonders with character development. Arnold often helped others to overcome personal conflicts, like helping the bully Harold when he had a bar mitzvah or dealt with fat jokes, or assisting a friend with irrational phobias, or supporting a…

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