Here’s Round 6 of Opinion Battles over at Movie Reviews 101! I love a good parody film, and there are quite a few excellent choices to select this round. While Airplane, Naked Gun, and Galaxy Quest are all favorites of mine, I went with Young Frankenstein. Be sure to vote for your favorite spoof!

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Parody or Spoof Films

This round we are looking at parodies and spoof films, I have been quite loss with the rules here because I think a lot of films can do that without being when of the dreadful attempts at comedy.

We will be opening entries for the ext round which will be Sport Movies, if you would like to enter email by 26th July 2015.

Darren – Movie Review 101

22 Jump Street (2014)22 jump

When it comes to parodies most people instantly look at Airplane!, Naked Gun or Scary Movie but I like to look a little more into a film. I have picked 22 Jump Street because the whole opening 15 minutes pokes full blown fun at how popular the first film is as well as how many times sequels just use the same ideas again. It makes a clear point that they will be…

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