Here we’ve come to it. After 265 poems and reviews, we’ve arrived at my Top 100, which will be accompanied by a few changes. For one, I will no longer be announcing the next day’s film at the bottom of each post; it will be a surprise every day.

Also, I will be ending my reliance on the ACEVOW system for rankings. While this system worked well thus far to explain a film’s strengths and weaknesses, I’ve come to recognize its limitations. Most of the films ahead rank in the 8 to 10 range for most points, but if they lack visual effects, their rank might be undeservedly diminished. Also, many of these films are personal favorites, possessing a random I-like-it factor that determines its placement but would feel arbitrary with my current rating system. In addition, for the films ahead, I will no longer detract from films for any objectionable content. It will simply be assumed that I am recommending the film’s cut version, minus extremes in language, violence, and sex.

I’m quite excited for the next 100 films, which I’ve been waiting all year to view and review. All genres are covered, from war dramas to fantasy epics, from horrors to comedies, from blockbusters to box-office bombs, from Triple A’s to Meet ‘em and Move on’s. Let it begin!