Megamind and Metro Man are aliens (from space),
Who are sent to Earth as babies so to join the human race,
Since their planets were demolished and their parents had the plan
Thus to save their little children (sounds a lot like Superman).
Metro Man’s a hero, since he lands in wealth and ease,
While jailbirds raise the other and pass on their expertise.
Megamind, head blue and swollen with a giant intellect,
Grows into a super-villain (what else would one expect?).
They face off time and time again, the hero and the sinner,
And, despite the latter’s brilliant mind, good always is the winner.
Until one day when evil wins (?!) and Metro Man is slain,
And Megamind (with sidekick Minion) celebrates his brain.
They cause some damage, wreak some havoc, but, when all is done,
Megamind feels strangely empty; by itself, bad isn’t fun.
He resolves to make a hero who can fill the empty void
And can bring him back the rivalry he always had enjoyed.
By accident, he gives the powers of his former foe
To Hal, a nerdy cameraman, and tells him what to know.
But the villain has a soft spot for one Roxanne Ritchi too,
A reporter who might like him if he wasn’t bad and blue.
Since Hal (who’s nicknamed Titan) is now someone not to pity,
He turns bad and lords his power over helpless Metro City.
It turns out Metro Man had faked his death some clever way.
He insists that he’s retired now and will not save the day.
It’s up to Megamind to prove, regardless of the past,
He can be more than a villain, yes, a hero at long last.
The day is saved, and Megamind gives hero work a whirl.
For the first time, he’s victorious and finally gets the girl.

I was pretty skeptical about Megamind since it was released without much fanfare, and the trailers didn’t look all that interesting. Still, having seen it twice now, it’s a much better movie than I had expected so it’s a shame it came and went so quickly. My VC was also pleasantly surprised since she wasn’t very keen on seeing it at all.

Granted, it isn’t Dreamworks’ best work, with characters and situations that, while humorous, aren’t really laugh-out-loud funny. Also, none of the action scenes really stick out as being noteworthy, aside from the impressive flinging of an entire tower.

Nevertheless, with decent animation, a catchy soundtrack aimed more at the parents than the kids, a wonderful voice cast (though I have no love for Will Ferrell, nor does my VC for Brad Pitt), and a pretty good moral (growing beyond how you were raised and who you thought you had to be), it’s certainly list-worthy.

Best line:  “What’s the good of being bad when there’s no one good to stop you?”

Artistry – 3
Characters/Actors – 4
Entertainment – 5
Visual Effects – 4
Originality – 5
Watchability – 5
TOTAL:  26 out of 60

Tomorrow:  #360 – Eragon

© 2014 S. G. Liput